CHMC Deputy President Mr. Wang Weiguo Attended the 2019 Nepal Investment Summit
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Picture 1. CHMC Deputy President Mr. Wang Weiguo Attended the Summit

During March 29-30,2019,the 2019 Nepal Investment Summit,which was co-hosted by the Nepal government, Nepal Investment Committee, Nepal Treasury Department, Nepal Industry, Commerce and Supply Department, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, was held in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. Nepal Premier, Mr.Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, and other important members of the government, were present in the opening ceremony and made a speech. CHMC Deputy President Mr. Wang Weiguo and others related, attended the Summit. Important members of the Nepal government, from the energy, transportation, industry, agriculture, tour and other Departments, and guests from over 40 counties, China, India, Bangladesh, Australia, etc., totally 600 people, attended the Summit.


During the Summit, Mr. Wang Weiguo paid an official visit to Mr.Barsa Man Pun, Minister of the Nepal Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation Department. Mr. Wang Weiguo introduced CHMC’s business development in the international markets, especially the remarkable achievements in the energy field and the financing mode. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang Weiguo focused to introduce the cooperation progress between CHMC and Nepal energy Department as well as its subordinate state-owned enterprises, in the electricity power transmission and transformation in the past year. Mr.Barsa Man Pun showed thanks to CHMC for its efforts in developing the electrical industry in Nepal, and he hoped that the two Parties could continue to further the cooperation in the future.